2018-10-23 ODDITORIUM

Past Auction

October 23, 2018 10:00 AM EDT Bunch Auctions


Greg Cristiano has recently retired and closed his New Hope, Pa storefront, "TearDrop Memories". The entire stock has been moved for convenience of sale to William Bunch Auctions in Chadds Ford, PA for sale at auction to the highest bidder! The staff has categorized and condensed this motley collection of oddities into 411 lots, grouped by categories that include:

Undertaking and mortuary related items such as caskets, carts, undertaking tools, and paraphernalia!!

Paper ephemera, advertising, tins, bottles, signs, and Victorian photo albums. As well as framed and loose vintage photographs to include tintypes, ambrotype, daguerreotypes-- animals, pets, circus, entertainment, vaudeville, etc. Some photographs of post-mortem subjects!! 

Medical related material that includes 7 real human skulls, partial skeletons, and a pickled brain! As well as 19th to early-mid 20th century medical & dental tools, implements and apparatus!!

 Jewelry, hats, vintage clothing, almost 200 framed Victorian prints and remembrance artwork, some sold singly, much in related lots!!

126 bird cages and stands, as well as groups of taxidermy mounts including a baboon, coyote, bobcat, fox, deer, a monkey's paw, and Egyptian cat mummy!! Zebra, bear, and dog skulls, and other strange, curious, and perfectly weird STUFF!!!!!


“The core belief of the [Day of the Dead] is so poetic and simple: as long as we remember those who have passed away, as long as we tell their stories, sing their songs, tell their jokes, cook their favorite meals, THEN they are with us, around us,

and in our hearts. The moment we forget them, then they are truly gone.
(The Art of the Book of Life, Introduction)” - Jorge R. Gutierrez

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