2018-10-30 October Fine Art and Prints- Day 2

Past Auction

October 30, 2018 10:00 AM EDT Bunch Auctions


This second day of our sale will offer an array of original artwork by artists from the Delaware Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey region and items from their personal collections.  Local aficionados and gallery connoisseurs have been championing a conversation about the unexamined “Philadelphia School” of art for years. Fusing urban tendencies towards the large format and abstract with the countryside’s métier of soft impressionism, 20th century artists from eastern PA, northern DE, and southern NJ, created tonal, naturalistic artwork with strong brushstrokes and bold color choices. Still lifes and landscapes abound, most often incorporating sentimental regional backdrops and crumbling, yet poignant architecture.
We are proud to feature art from the Pinto brothers, an Italian-American family of artists patronized by Albert C. Barnes. Angelo, Salvatore, Biagio, and Joseph began their training in the Barnes Foundation art education program, where Dr. Barnes took a special interest in the four boys. He took them to France to meet Henri Matisse and to Northern Africa to paint. In 1932, he purchased four of their paintings to display in the Barnes Foundation; the Pintos were the first Philadelphia artists featured in the collection. Today, the Barnes has five of Angelo’s paintings and two of Biagio’s on display and a hold of Salvatore’s work in the private collection kept in storage. While Joseph continued to paint, he made his career as the official White House photographer for presidents Truman through Reagan.
Our sale includes 151 lots of artwork both by and from the collections of the Pinto brothers. It is the largest contingent of Pinto art to be auctioned at once.
In addition to the Pinto portion of the sale, our Day 2 Fine Art auction includes nearly 100 lots of regional artwork from the collection of Chester County patron David Davis. Davis has been purchasing original artwork by local names for decades, but a move from his 17th century farmhouse into Philadelphia has prompted him to liquidate his extensive assets. Regional art buyers will be pleased to see work by featuring 8 oils by iconic Chester County artist George Cope, well known for his Brandywine Valley landscapes and trompe l’oeil works. Additional works by Judy Antonelli, Clifford Warren Ashley, Michael Balbi, Harry Barker, Robert A. Beck, Karin Becker, Claude W. Bernardin, Bayard Berndt, Carolyn Blish, Donald Carr Booth, Tom Bostelle, Lee Branagan, George Bunker, Ellie Byron-Haley, Blendon Reed Campbell, Jerry Cable, Richard Chalfant, Roger Chavez, Beth Clark, John Clayton, George Cope, Kevin Cummins, Nancy Cunningham, Emily Sinclair Custer, Helen Clark Daldes, Suzanne Douglass, Michael Doyle, Jack Ducker, Harry Dunn, John L. Egenstafer, Douglas T. Elliott, Frank F. English, Ruth Erickson, William “Bill” Ewing, III, Eunice Fais, Remo Michael Farruggio, Chris Fiero, John Formicola, Mark Green, Sandy Howat Haftl, Dennis Haggerty, Hillary V. Hawley, Tua Hayes, R.W. Hovey, Phillip Jamison, Jack R. Kaiser, Stan Kotzen, Karl J. Kuerner, E. Jean Lanyon, Royal Lewando, Jack Lewis, Henry Miller Libhart, James “Jimmy” Lynch, Mitch Lyons, Lois Mailou Jones, Sam Maitin, Christopher McCall, Anna Brelsford McCoy, John W. McCoy, W. James McGlynn, Jean Metzler, Dan Miller, Dennis T. Minch, Dorothy Ford Montgomery, Shah Moravati, Alberta Morris, Aileen Mumford, Susan B. Myers, Barbara Neville, Dennis K. Park, Donald Patterson, Sueann Phillips, Yolanda Pinto, Pearl Porter, Rea Redifer, Jon Redmund, Seymour Remenick, Eugenia Eckford Rhoades, Bob Richey, Dale O. Roberts, Shela Roberts, Charles R. Ross, Elizabeth Ruggles, Jean Safar, Paul Scarborough, Jeff Schaller, Ruth G. Senter, Christopher High Shearer, Midge Stires, Lajos Szalay, John Suplee, Helena van Emmerick-Finn, Robert W. Vonnoh, Connie Wahl, William H. Welch, Katrina Wensinger, Paul Wescott, Ellen DuPont Wheelwright, Esther Baldwin Williams, Walter Williams, Linda Wright, Jamie Wyeth, Ned Young, Steve Zazenski, Martha Zelt

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